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Nursing Facility Provider Update
The purpose of the communication is to inform Amerigroup STAR+PLUS contracted providers with updates regarding the Nursing Facility adjustment process.

For Medicaid Providers
For MMP Providers

Nursing Facility Provider Billing Reminders and Updates
The purpose of this communication is to inform Amerigroup STAR+PLUS MMP (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) contracted providers of updates to nursing facility provider billing and to assist providers with billing nursing facility claims. This update provides instructions and answers to frequently asked questions by nursing facility providers and it offers guidance to prevent claim denials and/or rejections. ...Learn More

Additional radiation oncology prior authorizations (PA) should be directed to AIM Specialty Health® (AIM) effective July 15, 2016
Prior authorization of outpatient radiation therapy services for Amerigroup STAR+PLUS MMP (Medicare-Medicaid Plan) members is administered by AIM. AIM reviews certain treatment plans against clinical appropriateness criteria to help ensure care aligns with established medical best practices. Effective July 15, 2016, providers treating Amerigroup STAR+PLUS MMP members should contact AIM to request PA. ...Learn More

Electronic Visit Verification and Compliance Plan
Amerigroup is committed to working in partnership with our providers, members, and the attendants on this new program. In support of this important initiative, key components of our compliance plan include the following. ...Learn More

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