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At Amerigroup Community Care, we value you as a provider in our network. That's why we’ve redesigned the provider site to make it more useful for you and easier to use.

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Availity access

The Availity Portal offers health care professionals free access to real-time information and instant responses in a consistent format, regardless of the payer.

At Availity, you can:

Request authorizations.
Submit claims.
Confirm eligibility.

Amerigroup Maryland Value-Added Benefits

At Amerigroup Community Care, we’re finding ways to do more for our members. That’s why we’re proud to offer HealthChoice benefits, plus some extras — so members can get the care they need when they need it.

Provider news and updates

Get the latest articles and announcements on claims filings, products, benefits, administrative updates, new and revised procedures and guidelines, prescription information, and more.

Pharmacy and prescriber lock-in for corrective managed care programs from Amerigroup Community Care

As part of the nationwide effort to reduce misuse and abuse of prescription medications, Amerigroup Community Care implemented the Corrective Managed Care Program (CMCP) in 2012 to identify and engage members who need additional clinical supports to better manage their prescription medications.

Facility level 5 record review (CPT 99285)

Effective March 30, 2021, Amerigroup Community Care will review the intensity of CPT® code 99285 evaluation and management (E&M) services provided to assess whether the level billed matches the services performed.

Orthotic and DME Coverage for Children and Adults

Amerigroup Community Care covers orthotics and other DME as part of the HealthChoice program. Effective March 30, 2021, orthotics covered benefit under the HealthChoice program will be price adjusted to pay based on the list in the table.

90-day supply for asthma controllers

Amerigroup Community Care is now offering a 90-day supply for asthma controllers at both retail and mail order pharmacies to those members on an established treatment regimen.

You are invited! Virtual learning collaborative

January 2021 to May 2021, Please join Amerigroup Community Care for a series of virtual learning and collaborative opportunities throughout the year. These trainings are specially designed for network providers and their staff.

2020 Quality Improvement Program Survey results

Each year, Amerigroup in partnership with the State of Maryland, reaches out to members and providers to get valuable feedback. We are proud to share our results and our ongoing efforts to enhance services and incorporate feedback given by members and providers.

Provider directory update

We need your help! SPH Analytics* is an independent research firm that is conducting a Provider Information Accuracy Survey to verify your information. They will notify us of any changes you make in the survey. Please review and make changes to the information that we have on file for your practice.

Specialty Pharmacy Prior Authorization Updates

Effective for dates of service on and after February 1, 2021, the following specialty pharmacy codes from current or new clinical criteria documents will be included in our precertification review process.

Featured resources

Pharmacy information

Search for up-to-date drug information, including hundreds of brand-name and generic medications.

Maternal child program

When it comes to our pregnant members, we are committed to keeping both mom and baby healthy. That’s why we encourage all our moms-to-be to take part in our Taking Care of Baby and Me® program, which is a comprehensive, proactive case management and care coordination program for all expectant mothers and their newborns.

Disease Management

Our Disease Management/Population Health Program (DM/PHP) is based on a system of coordinated care management interventions and communications designed to assist physicians and other providers in managing members with chronic conditions.

Provider tools & resources

Interested in becoming a provider in our network?

We look forward to working with you to provide quality service for our members.