Georgia Families 360°

Georgia Families 360°SM is the name of Georgia’s Medicaid program covering approximately 27,000 children, youth, and young adults in foster care, children and youth receiving adoption assistance, and select youth involved in the juvenile justice system. Amerigroup Community Care is Georgia Families 360°SM’s sole care management organization (CMO) in charge of coordinating care for these children, youth and young adults across the state.

Georgia Families 360°SM program goals are to:

  • Improve access to healthcare services, particularly for physical and behavioral health services covered by the Medicaid program.
  • Increase continuity of care, including when members transition in and out of foster care.
  • Enhance health outcomes by providing additional care coordination, and improved physical and behavioral health oversight.

Georgia Families 360°℠ members get important care and services from Amerigroup such as:

  • A dedicated primary care provider.
  • Assigned care coordination team to work closely with the Division of Family and Children Services (DFCS) and Department of Juvenile Justice (DJJ) personnel and affiliated providers across the state.
  • Wellness visits and shots. 
  • Vision and dental care.
  • Necessary prescription medication.
  • Specialty medical services and hospital stays.
  • Behavioral health services.
  • Free weight management program for ages 10 and up.
  • Pest control services and hypoallergenic pillow for members diagnosed with asthma.
  • Supports to keep members healthy after an emergency.

Georgia Families 360°SM Care Coordination team

Within one business day of enrollment with Amerigroup, each Georgia Families 360°SM member is assigned to a Care Coordination team (CCT) based on geographic location. Care coordinators are the primary partner for identifying and referring services that a youth may need.

Care coordinators can assist providers who have patients enrolled in Georgia Families 360°SM by:

  • Discussing medical and behavioral health needs.
  • Reviewing current services and effectiveness of treatment.
  • Helping locate providers in the Amerigroup network.
  • Assisting in gathering needed items for clinical documentation (for example, dates of last Psychiatric Residential Treatment Facilities [PRTF] admit).
  • Acting as a liaison between stakeholders, providers and Amerigroup Utilization Management department.
  • Tracking compliance with treatment plan and facilitating communication between the PCP and other members of the CCT.
  • Helping with care coordination for members with Intellectual and developmental disabilities (IDD) or complex medical needs.
  • Arranging for referrals to community-based resources.

CCT phone:


Hours: Monday to Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 5:30 p.m. ET, and after hours for urgent/emergent issues.

Additional contact information for Georgia Families 360°SM

  • Georgia Families 360°℠ behavioral health fax: 1-888-375-5070
  • Education and training team:
  • Member transportation: Nonemergency transportation (NET) is covered as a value-added benefit for PeachCare for Kids® and Georgia Families 360°SM members through ModivCare.* Call ModivCare at 1-866-913-4506.

Submitting questions to Amerigroup related to foster care

You can get information on trauma at the Relias site . Please email to get the access code.

Email us:

* ModivCare is an independent company providing nonemergency transportation services on behalf of Amerigroup Community Care.

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